Phase One Update

In the latest update on Phase I of the Renville Project, note that we received tenders for the Main Works Contract for Phase I of the project at the start of May. A total of 6 companies tendered for the project. The tender assessment process was undertaken by our engineering consultants, HorganLynch, and a detailed Tender Report completed.

The Tender Report has been issued to the Department of Sport in Killarney and to the Infrastructure Committee in Croke Park for review and approval. The Department of Sport uses the OPW as its consultants for reviewing technical documentation, such as this report.

In addition, as part of the final approval process for the LSSIF grant, we have had to prepare a finalised Business Case after the tender, which includes updated versions of our Business & Operation Plan, Project Execution Plan and Economic Appraisal. These were submitted by the Dept. to the Government’s Strategy Policy Unit (SPU) for approval.

Once the finalised Business Case and the Tender Report are approved, the Department of Sport will then instruct the Chief State Solicitor’s Office to issue us the formal LSSIF Grant Agreement. There are a number of legalities associated with the Grant Agreement (e.g. putting a charge on the land), plus there is a significant amount of legal work with the bank loan that we are putting in place for Phase I.

We hope to close out these aspects of the project in the next few weeks and then be able to appoint the selected Contractor for Phase I, so that we can commence the main construction works by the middle of July.

In other developments, we have had a drilling rig on site this weekend to drill a well (see picture below of rig). This was completed today and will give us our own supply of water. In addition to water for toilets, dressing rooms, etc., this will be used to supply water for the irrigation system that will be installed in Phase I (with sand based grass pitches it is vital to have an irrigation system for dry spells).

Also, this month we will have an archaeologist on site to do additional investigations around the ring fort, which is part of the planning conditions for the project.